The state is falling apart you see it everywhere. As an example, the highway are being turned into toll roads meaning we citizens are now paying three or more times to use our roads . These new toll lanes directly hurt the poor and further divides the state between the rich democratic elite and the poor worker. This was never presented to the people. Now express lanes are being created on freeways which only the affluent can afford to use . The result is that all Californians are paying at least three times for the use the freeways first when they were built, second by the $.50 a gallon gas sale tax which is ti find the freeways, thirdly by never ending development bonds for highway maintenance and it is still nor even enough and now they must pay again in express lanes fees. We never voted for that.  

 The governor has set out a 53 Billion 5 year plan of which almost 90% 43 billion is being allocated to only to transportation. In five years, the governor proposes to spend just a little over a billion a year for all of the other non transportation infrastructure work. That is a paltry sum but the state cannot afford more because but if labor costs are reduced more projects can be completed.  

I propose the radical idea of dealing with our problems on a business basis. Here is what I propose by California initiative as to reflect the will of the people which goes hand in glove with my immigration reform proposal.  

California will if my immigration reform proposal is passed by Congress, suddenly have a work force of several million willing and able workers who want to earn their citizenship by working for the States for the three years. Their wages will be low because they are paying in part for their citizenship with determination and effort. They are being hired at wages no citizen would take because they already have their citizenship and the prospect of earning the citizenship again is not something that is worth additional value to them. But for the state and illegal worker it is a win win for both. The state gets good motivated workers doing good work which no else would do for the price, they are not taking jobs away for citizens or legal workers because without them doing work at that price, the job would not even exist so there would be no job for citizens or legal residents to even compete for . If of course, citizens wanted to work for such low pay they could and even get a preference in hiring. 

The companies getting the infrastructural development contracts would use the illegal aliens for the work force as much as possible and only when they could not find enough illegal workers would prevailing wages be paid to citizens and legal workers. 

The most important thing is that the more projects be done quickly and well and affordably and that is what the state need.