Again I find myself I agreement with Kevin Paffrath on Casino Gambling as well as online lotteries. This is of no surprise to those who know me. 

I had proposed Casino Gambling in California 20 years as part of my platform then for state senator. The state simply was not ready for it at the time Religious and conservative groups attacked vehemently both the idea and me for suggesting it. However within 10 years gaming rooms and later Indian casinos popped up throughout California. I was on the forefront in proposing gambling along with teacher testing and even a flat tax at the time which is nowon the verge of acceptance through this election. 

Full casino gambling is something the state is now ready. Casino gambling will be good for the state. It promote tourism, and increased taxation revenue while creating an entirely new business sector in California. There is no reason to continue to give that industry to Nevada. We should develop the casino industry in California. Billions will be spent in opposing such an initiative by out of state interests so that they can keep their piece of the pie. 

 Now I ask, what is wrong with Californians having the option of spending their money in California doing legalized gambling? I simply do not see a problem with it. We are not talking about selling drugs on doorsteps or white slavery. We are talking about playing slots or placing a $2 bet on a roulette table or blackjack table. I still oppose the argument made 2o ago that casino gambling would spin the state into criminal depravity and result in prostitution taking over the state. Even in Nevada where both gambling and prostitution is legal that has not not happened so why would it happen in California? The day of scare politics should be over. The undeniable fact is that Californians want to gamble and will continue to gamble somewhere. The only question is in what state they will gamble and what state will get the tax money as well as the job creation that the gambling creates? I hope it finally is California. 

Likewise, online lotteries are here as we speak. Already Six states have online lotteries and there will soon be another online lottery. I know that because I am creating it- the very first charitable online lottery run on a federal enclave. As such Californians will be able to purchase lottery tickets online from the charity. The charity will will pay to every state, including California, the same percentage of the ticket price that lottery gets from the paper lottery sales in the state. If the state does not have a lottery, its general fund will still be paid the highest amount than any state gets so even if a state does not have a lottery it still would benefit from the charitable online lottery. As such, Californians will have access to an online lottery operated by the charity as well as any online lottery of its own if the people want to operate one. 

I will submit an initiative to allow casino gaming under state and local control and also allow online lotteries if the people want to have one of their own. However as the charitable lottery will already be selling to Californians and paying to California its share of the ticket sales that would be derived by its own lottery it might not be necessary to go to the expense of creating its own duplicate lottery and paying to operate it but the people can decide to do so or just decide to keep the option open, The People can decide.